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An insiders guide to Savall Chocolate Core Values


If you’re here it’s because you’ve already seen our products and you now you want to find out more about what’s behind Savall Chocolate. This already makes you a potential customer.

Why? Because if you care about ingredients, elaboration processes & sustainability as much as you care about the final product you’re already lined up with the core values of Savall. That’s exciting!

Enjoy this 3 minute journey to the the core values of Savall Chocolate, our 120 year old family business.


🤲 We’ve been Artisans for 120 Years

Savall Chocolate elaboration is entirely Artisan & Traditional.

From the fruit cutting to the boxing, we carefully handcraft every step of the process. This is our way to honor the high quality ingredients we use and the hard work farmers put to bring them to excellence.

From our first establishment in Barcelona back in 1892 till today, we preserve our five-generation artisanal tradition in each of our original products.


👩🏽‍🌾 We Source Locally.

All of our ingredients are locally sourced from handpicked Vietnamese farms.

This not only allow us to support local farmers and their families but also gives us access to the freshest & very best products of every province in Vietnam.

We carefully source our coconuts from Bến Tre, honey from Quảng Bình and green tea from Thái Nguyên, just to name a few, and we put them together to create our chocolates and sweets.

We’re very proud to be 100% Vietnam Single Origin.


👨🏻‍🔬 Chemical Free Always.

There are no chemicals involved in any of Savall’s products or processes. Period.


🍭 Low Sugar, enhanced flavors.

We never add sugar if it is not a constituent recipe ingredient and, when it is, we use the bare minimum quantities to enhance the flavor of every other ingredient.


🌾 Gluten Free Everything, even the facilities.

All of our Products are Gluten Free. Also, we don’t use, manipulate or store any Gluten products in our production buildings.


♻️ No Plastic at All.

We use Zero Plastic in our Packaging & use food safe sealed wax paper for the wrappings. Everything in contact with our products is 100% Plastic Free & Food Safe.


❤️ We are Personal. 

We understand the value of a personal & exquisite touch devoted to that lasting impression of outstanding customer service.

Crafted wooden boxes, ceramic jars wrapped in luxurious fabrics are only a few of our special packaging to complement Savall’s Special Sweets and Chocolate collections.


🚀 We are Ready.

Whether it is a last-minute surprise party, a themed wedding or an exclusive event, we are ready to assist you in going that extra mile to ensure ‘The WOW Factor’ for your guests..

Our horizontal business structure enables us to respond to custom requests in the most timely and efficient way.

Get in touch with our team if you need more information about Our Custom Chocolate & Sweets or if you’re interested in distributing our products in your area.

One More Reason to Try!

Some customers told us that after knowing whats behind the scenes, our products taste even better.

You can check if that affirmation is also true with you at Savall’s Online Shop