Traditional & Special days savall

Traditional & Special days

At SAVALL, we understand the importance of traditions, and some traditions are associated with specific chocolates and candies. Almost every season, in every country, there are traditional holidays during which chocolates are one of the most desired foods by both adults and children. We’d like to present some holiday traditions where chocolate is always on the menu:

Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day, Easter, VietNam Children’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Mid Autumn Festival, Vietnam Women’s Day, Halloween, Christmas.

For example, we have created many types and forms of chocolate for Christmas orders, or New year chocolate cigars, Easter chocolate eggs and many more chocolate sculptures for the families to share among them.

Nonetheless, we aim to surprise with an innovative touch in our holiday products, adapting new flavours to the most traditional products. Discover them every year!

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