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Personalised Chocolate Wedding Favours & Gifts

Chocolate is always considered as a simple but impressive gift for all occasions. Chocolatiers often make unique and impressive variations of chocolate flavours, chocolate cake for different occasions. In weddings, the bride and groom nowadays can also use chocolate as a wedding gift for their guests.

If you are looking for the perfect bomboniere that shows you care, but also shows your fun side? Our wedding chocolates are the perfect keepsake and  they will add a special touch to your wedding. We can create personalised wedding favours, chocolate place names, or thoughtful bridesmaid invites complete with a photo of you and the bridesmaid chocolate favour and gift ideas, from custom bars to personalised giant gifts, from mini chocolates to chocolate hearts, kisses and more.

Our Suggestions for You

Chocolate Wedding Decorations Ideas

Adding chocolate into your decorations is very elegant and adds something different to your wedding experience. Make custom centerpieces for each table with a chocolate element, for examples:

  • If you’re choosing colours for a chocolate themed wedding, let’s say if the scene for your wedding is with cream, brown and gold. Brown can be coffee coloured for dark chocolate, cappuccino for milk chocolate. Cream for white chocolate. Gold can be metallic or plain gold. Other colours on the gold spectrum include goldenrod or dark goldenrod or harvest gold. Deep purple is another colour heavily associated with the chocolate industry.
  • Stationery for a chocolate themed wedding, whilst you could opt for a shade of chocolate brown for your stationery, edible chocolate place cards can be a fun and novel idea.
  • Or flowers that are made from chocolate, place these beautiful chocolate flowers in vases as centerpieces for your tables.
  • A chocolate tower of different chocolate flavors for your guests to enjoy is also a sweet way to welcome your guests or have them at the end of the party as tasty desserts.
  • Having a chocolate themed wedding means you can choose any venue that allows you to set up a chocolate fountain.

Custom Chocolate Favours

This is the great idea for wedding table settling, something that your guest can bring home like a present, as well as a sweet thank you from the bride and groom to the guests. Our chocolates can be personalised with guest names and we can add photos, favourite poems, custom messages – anything and any shape you like, we can create lovely gift boxes or wrapping paper as a cute and meaningful gift from the bride and groom.

Engagement Chocolate

Have you ever thought of replacing boring wedding cards with chocolates?.

Our engagement chocolates are the perfect celebration gift to your friends, family members that are going to get married. With a sweet message attached to it, they will know just how happy you are for them. Spread a little joy with our personalised engagement gifts. Chocolate delivered through the letterbox, or message engraved on chocolate bars will make people happy.  Our chocolate engagement gifts are handmade with love at Savall.

We are Ready

Whether it is a last-minute surprise party, a themed wedding or an exclusive event, we are ready to assist you in going that extra mile to ensure ‘The WOW Factor’ for your guests.

Savall Chocolates is committed to the very best customer service – our wedding chocolates are designed and dispatched within days of your order across Viet Nam.

Wedding package: 100, 500p Personalized Candies, Chocolate with the minimum of order, we’ll consult with you on terms and quotation.

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