Chocolate tasting savall

Chocolate tasting

With a few tips and tricks, you can learn to taste chocolate like a pro & eat your way through an extensive guided chocolate tasting.

You can see how chocolate is prepared, and listen to the interesting and entertaining stories of chocolate companies, as well as understand and compare the differences between chocolates and enjoy this amazing experience.

Meet the Chocolatier and founder of Savall Chocolates – Victor. He wants to convey his happy discovery of Vietnam and the Vietnamese cocoa industry, as well as his passion, enthusiasm and professionalism for chocolate making, with the great aim of creating a diversity of flavors from the best Vietnamese ingredients and fruits.

Let us know which one is your favorite. Fresh cacao, Cacao nibs, Dark chocolate 72%, Chocolate 100% Milk chocolate,White chocolate, Cashew Catànies. Let’s taste them all at Savall.

  • Chocolate tasting sessions last one hour for ages from 13 years-old and above.
  • Bookings are available for up to 12-16 guests.
  • Dates and times vary by location.
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